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Channeling van Sekhmet & Bastet:                  Tweede 8-8 Portaal (17-8-2014)
17-8-’14 00.11 uur (start tweede 8-8 portaal) (Lees hier de vertaling in het Nederlands) Channeling Sekhmet en Bastet: “This second 8-8 Starportal which is opening up to continue the 8-8 frequency flow, which was activated during the 8-8 Portal and Lionsgate, will bring in an more intense process of growth and uprising of the Divine Feminine Aspects of your Being. The power of Being, the power to stand for who you are, proud of your Feminine qualities, the power to Love unconditionally and the power to heal are just a few of the many aspects which will be deeper activated into your Consiousness. Whether you are a man or a woman, we both wear this polarities of Masculine and Feminine inside. And as outside, so inside: where there’s the control or manipulation of the Masculine energies over the Feminine, where there’s oppression of whatever Feminine qualities or energies inside, or disempowerment and such. These are the parts and areas of consciousness where the frequency uplift will be felt. All old scars and wounds of un-equality between Masculine and Feminine forces inside will be under the Fire of Transformation. Will be deeper awakened to get a touch of the Original Blueprints which will be the seed that might grow into full awareness. Both Feminine Forces, that of the Lioness Sekhmet and that of the softness and own-wisdom of the cat Bast (Bastet) will be deeper awakened during this second 8-8 Portal. So the fire to transform, the enormous power of of the inner Lioness, which is also an immense healing power and the softness to follow your own pathway, with heart, gratitude, joy and Unconditional Love will be highlighted into your Being. Also the awareness of this both Feminine qualities will be more activated, as well the intuitive knowing when to use which one of these forces in your personal processes to give yourself the right opportunity to grow. “ The frequencies of this second 8-8- Portal carry also the birth and new activations (1)  of the frequencies of the Feminine Creative Power inside (7…. Which are both numbers from the 17 which forms the 8 by numerology). The frequencies of the 8, the lemniscate is encoded with the frequencies of Eternity, the ongoing Flow of Creation and the Divine Balance of Polarities (Divine Masculine and Feminine). And in this Divine Flow d balance of equality, where both Polarities will be melting together,  there is point zero, the third part which is the Divine Child. Coming forth from this Sacred Marriage of the Divine Polarities. This Divine Child Frequencies will be the Doorway into our own Essence or highest Divine Being. The frequencies  of the three 8-8 Portals (august 8, august 17 and august 26) are activating deeper layers and frequencies of our Being in order to restore and heal the Feminine Creative Forces inside. While the first 8-8 Portal happened together with the opening of the Lionsgate, it was especially the Lioness Power which will help you align with the Inner Strength to heal, embrace and remember this important parts of your Divine Being which are for many thousands of years oppressed or forgotten under the veils of Separation. This second 8-8 Portal will add the Power of Bast, the cat, frequencies to it. So more softness and heart power of different qualities (than the Lioness Power) will be awakened too. But also qualities like trust in your own wisdom  and in your own path, faith to move on, even though you might not know what the pathway will bring you, trust in the Divine Alignment and in your own strength. It will make you aware of the potention inside to shift in between the raw fiery power of the inner Lioness and the gratitude, wisdom and heart power of the inner Cat, and when and how to use this natural forces inside. It might  feel like you entered  the first class of school again, inside, to learn how to deal with this newly awakened powers inside. And it will bring you many new discoveries about who you are as a Divine Being and what is inside the full Potential of the Feminine Blueprint. But soon you will be able to work with both of them and use them for healing the layers of scars which are still inside. It will feel naturally in the end, cause in origin it is a part of who we are. We only forgot it’s part of us! The third 8-8 Portal will complete this part of the cycle of deeper Awakening of the Divine Feminine inside in between the frequency of the 8/lemniscate (of august). Which will touch all that is ready to be awakened inside your Feminine Frequencies and Blueprint, according to this moment in ‘Time’, in pure alignment with every unique Soul, in that way which you can handle right now, according to your own individual Soul Evolution. © Willemien Timmer 17-8-‘14 Zie ook: Channeling van Sekhmet op 8-8-’14/ opening van de Leeuwenpoort