Staying true
to ancient connections
Inside me,
reflecting connection with
my Source
No matter
Wat others feel or see
Believe or what they
Resonate with

Staying true
To my Consciousness
No matter what others advice
The way of honesty
Fits my heart
Even if that means being

Staying true
To my way of observing
Collecting experiences in many ways
The art of connecting it all
To earthly life
And embodyment

Staying true
To Me, my Self and I (Am)
Is the only way
Deep from within my heart
Where my Soul whispers
And lead the way

Staying true
Even when the road is lonely
Is my best way
to face honest and pure
my true God/Goddess Self
In the mirror
Of All that I Am….

C Willemien Timmer, 8-4-18