An ode to the spiritual ego

Love and Light
two famous words
many times spoken

Be gratefull
for you attrackt more
gratefullness into your life

Let’s unite and connect
untill. it is too complicated
then, let’s run

Wise words
learned from books
or spoken by others
but not felt deep inside

An closed heart
pretending to be open
stabbing your back
one moment unaware

For the spiritual ego
alive in many
knows all the ways
to pretend it’s true

But the spiritual ego
speaks of feelings
knowledge and wisdom
it will not let in

Cause the spiritual ego
is the warrior to fight
all that is True and Right
cause what it speaks of
in so many soft words
(Love and Light
Gratetude and Oneness)
is it’s deepest fears

But let us acknowledge
our spiritual ego
For it is a part of our Being
A part which knows
so many fears to overcome
Before we really Master and embody
True Love and True Light
True Gratetude
and True Wisdom!

So let us embrace
that part in us
that spiritual ego part
that knows the deepest fears
of our inner strenght
our Love, our Light
So we can learn to Master it

So then we really heal
The deepest pain and fears
The inner destructive voices
The disconnection with Source
That what we call spiritual ego
Is our deepest shadow
Wrapped in a bandage
of fake “love and light”

Leaving it be
sending it away
or to deny it
will not bring us closer
to I AM

Cause spiritual ego
is ‘just’ one step
like many others
To overcome that fears
Acknowledge ones True Self
in healing and discovering
our True Divine Self

(c) Willemien Timmer
22-11-18 (22-11-11 frequency)