I rise

I rise
From the depths of Below
To the highest Light
Of Above

I rise
From loneliness
And wounds, pain and sorrow
To the highest honouring
Of Being

I rise
From clouded visions
To a new clear sky
With crystalline perspective

I rise
From deepest Darkness
Into Me of Light
Without fear of fright

I rise
From old patterns
Repeated in eternity
To create a new cycle
Aligned with Eternity

I rise
From old connections
Keeping me small and in pain
And open up for new
Equally my frequency

I rise
No longer dependent
Even in the deepest wounds
Cause a new Me is rising
Far beyond the old

I rise
Far above old projections
Ego perspective and more
Wo see with eyes clearly
The Divine in Me

I rise
throughout Darkness, time and time again
in surrender and accept
all so called Demons
where once a part of me

I rise
To uncover all that illusions
Things I once believed to be true
Now I see through

I rise
Like a new born Sun
Appear shiny above horizon
Bright Light to reveal

I rise
Into Conscious Being
No harms more allowed
I embrace my Being
In all that I Am

I rise
Time and time again
Cause I am driven
To be a God Realized Human

I rise
In order to remember
All that I forgot who I am
No matter if it’s Light or Darkness
Enmbracing all that I can

I rise
Cause that is Divine
I follow the Flow of Creation
Recognizing the ‘game’
As a human to ‘play’

I rise
Cause it is my birth-right
To uncover who I truly am
To wash away all that I am not
The jouney within

I rise
Cause it’s the only thing I can do
I am not a soulless being
So I flow in vibrations
Of everlasting change

I rise
And no one can stop me
For becoming the real Me
Driven by Spirit
It is my Destiny

I rise
Cause I found my Self
Worth it, a lot
To shine my unique blueprint
In the creation of God

© Willemien Timmer, 13-2-2017, Whispers of My Soul