Take off the masks
We all learned to wear
Masks of roles or identification
Masks that hide
Who we really Are

Take off the masks
That make you looks like
Fortuned, happy, powerfull and more
Its just a facade
Hiding your true inner power

Take off your masks
Learned by survivalling
So many lifetimes
In the deep shadows
of struggling with duality

Take off your masks
Expanded by so much pain
Where you lost your Self
And the connection with Source
was dimmed

Take off your masks
That are hiding your true colors
That dims your beautifull light
Unleash the roles you’ve played
And once believed to be truth

Take off your mask
And face the True You
Free of ideas, roles, plays, ego
And unconsciouss identification
To see your astonishing beauty

Take off your masks
Even if it looks to shine
In gold
Show me your true face
Where Soul is visable
Where Light of Truth
Shines through

Willemien Timmer, 17-4-18