Stairway to heaven 

From out of the depths
Where shadows dwell
of ancient times
And memories
safe hidden for the future
of (hu)mankind

A soft
Power is rising
Deep from within
A soft light is growing
Awareness comes in

The hidden treasure
Start calling your heart
To be fed and nurtured
By an embracing heart

The Soul is awaking
From a long sleep within
The Ka is arising
Lifeforce breath in

Deep from the shadows
Life starts to grow
The light is brightening
Soul starts to flow

Then a long stairs
Seems to appear
The choice is yours
Will you appear?

Through the sacred womb
the gate to be here
you opened your eyes
but no one could hear

The sacred message
you carried along
You brought back your light
the best that was done

Soft where your feet
Just short on the ground
Just a small touch of heaven
Being brought to mankind

Recognised by little
you planted your seed
Light upon light
in the heart of some
to release what is gone

The stairway to heaven
brouht you here and back
Connecting depths and heights
And like an ascended Angel
you flew Home

c Willemien Timmer