Sacred Rituals


Sacred rituals of the past
A mystery to most
Many stories being told
Nowadays a lack of understanding

Sacred rituals of ancient times
Legacy of the ancient ones
Still important today
Connecting ancient wisdom

Sacred rituals of ancient lifes
Remembered in pieces
Connecting dots with knowledge
To fill the holes

Sacred rituals of higher consciousness
Lived, practised and embodied
Many thousands years ago
Hard to really understand nowaday

Sacred rituals of ancient past
Many know just small pieces
Not really knowing the bigger picture
Seeing it from nowadays perspective

Sacred rituals
Don’t fit in nowadays perspective
Cause then you miss the point
Can only understood by ancient ways
Of life, believe and experience of that time

Sacred rituals of the past
Many know but one piece
Making up stories and new believes
Exactly in line with duality
Leading you far away of your Self

Sacred rituals
As powerfull as they are
Understood from an ancient perspective
Bringing deep awareness

Sacred rituals in their origine
Legacy of higher civilisations
Consiousness and awareness
Straight in line with Source
From the beginning

Sacred rituals of ancient heritage
If really understood and felt
Are a reflection of Divine
And guide on the way Home

© Willemien Timmer, 10-4-2018

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